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Who We Are and What We Do

The Mercy Mission House (MMH) Emergency Shelter, located just south of downtown Sidney, is a charitable organization dedicated to helping those in need. MMH provides overnight and short-term emergency shelter for area residents.  Clients are connected with agencies to help them along their journey to stabilization and to connect them with permanent housing, counseling, job placements, and food/meal assistance, among other services.

We are a partner agency of the Shelby County United Way. 

We average 25-35 residents at a time. We use a lot of toilet paper, hygiene items, trash bags and more. If you are able, we humbly ask you to consider provided needed items from our wishlist. 

We depend on volunteers to operate and best help our residents. We have three different Volunteer opportunities. 

It costs $25,000 a month to operate the shelter. We are asking our community for support to help us provide shelter for our unsheltered brothers and sisters. 

"I cannot do ALL the good the world needs...
but the world needs all the good I can do."

Jana Stanfield

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